Adaptable Software for the Lift Installation and Service Sector

Software for the Lift Installation and Service Industry is built from the ground up to be equipment centric. The solution has been designed specifically for the lift service industry and can easily handle the tracking of both lift based assets and their parts. We've built MYS by listening to our customers and ensuring the product perfectly meets the business process needs of our clients.

Lift servicing requires in-depth management of parts and assets to enable accurate billing and servicing of lifts and related equipment. MYS has been working with lift service companies for over 5 years and has a full understanding of the industry. Our solution fits quickly and easily into any lift installation and service company and provides market leading features and benefits.

"We've used MYS for over 5 years to plan our planned preventative maintenance schedules and to enable our field team to response to breakdowns immediately. The software and support from the MYS team is exceptional."

– White Lift Services