Software for the Industrial Door Industry is job and e-form centric. It enables the easy and simple access to all jobs, quotes, projects, invoices, maintenance and service related jobs. The workflow for industrial shutter installers utilizes many aspects of from quotes through to projects. There is often a heavy sales element to this type of industry so we offer the ability to link to your existing CRM package to enable you to combine best of bread applications to make a perfect cloud based business management solution.

Due to the equipment centric nature of our software it perfectly fits the industrial shutter industry enabling complete asset management from installation through to service and billing.

"We have looked at a number of service solutions that all appeared to be designed more around traditional equipment servicing than industrial doors. In addition, we wanted limited CRM functionality that would enable us to track sold stock and assets from sales through to billing (in QuickBooks) and service. offered us this ability in a simple to use and configure package."

– Safety Screens Ltd