"Software for Mining maintenance and Resources."

Software for the Mining and Resources industry

MindYourService.com is job and eform centric. It enables the easy and simple access to all jobs, quotes, projects, invoices, maintenance and service related jobs. The resources industry requires complex service schedules against traceable assets. MindYourService.com meet these requirements through the use of our advanced service scheduling, mobile applications, barcode scanning etc. We are able to rapidly provide a solution to resources companies that will link into existing ERP and planning systems to create a holistic business management solution.

"We were looking for a system that would provide a complete maintenance and breakdown solution. There was a requirement from upper management that we link MindYourService.com into existing enterprise wide applications. The MindYourSerivce.com team were extremely proficient at integrating into all our existing solutions."

– Rework Resources Pty Ltd