Improve customer satisfaction

Improved customer satisfaction by granting customers access to online portal and providing them with vital documents in real-time.

20% - 30% increased satisfaction*

Close more deals

Track all your customer and site information in one place and easily access critical in-line data. Optimize your quoting process and provide more competitive pricing.

15% revenue increase*

Increase productivity

Get more done from the office and field, thus increasing productivity across your business. Automate repetitive tasks to drive productivity even further.

30% revenue increase*

Improve communication

Communicate between office and field workers in real-time. Enable customers to view their information whenever, wherever, using any device.

25% reduction in calls*

Make better decisions

With MYS, information is in one place so it’s easier to prioritize and make rapid decisions based on real-time data.

15% revenue increase / 5% cost saving*

Reduce miscellaneous costs

Reduce the need for paperwork and mobile voice communications through the use of electronic forms, mobile job processing and automated alerts.

10% cost saving*

Reduced disputes

Reduce the number of disputes via electronic document collection, customer relationship management and photographic evidence capture.

90% reduction in disputes*

Better accountability

Improve stock accountability through full stock traceability and reporting. In addition, track your field workers geographical locations using GPS and collect timesheets electronically.

5% - 50% reduction in lost stock*

Reduce travel costs

Reduce travel times through improved stock forecasting and eliminating the need for field workers to pick up and submit paperwork. Optimize field workers routes using our mapping software.

10% cost saving*

* Based on customer feedback collected since 2010.



QuickBooks sync

Most advanced QuickBooks sync available.

Complete web connector based sync
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ERP and CRM sync

Enterprise ERP & CRM sync

Custom links ERP and CRM links to leading enterprise software such as SAP, Oracle and Sage.

Premium ERP integration
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Mobile Apps

Android, Apple & Windows

We provide easy to use, secure and powerful native mobile apps.

Offline access, GPS, signatures, image capture etc
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Equipment service

MYS includes powerful equipment service and asset management features.

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Job & task management

Using MYS, you can understand every aspect of every job or task regardless of its geographic location. You can associate multiple users to a single job and combine these into larger projects.

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Immediate invoicing

Go from job to professional invoice in real-time. Sync your invoices with your favourite accounts software. We also provide partial, batch and pro-forma invoicing.

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Powerful reporting

Enterprise grade custom reporting to rival any other. Analyse your data in a more sophisticated manner and gain vital business insights.

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Timesheets & expenses

Capture expenses and timesheets live from the field. Collate this information and more accurately process your payroll.

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Electronic forms

Convert all your paperwork into electronic format and complete in the field or office.

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Mobile job sheets

Mobile software applications for Android, iPad & iPhone. Process jobs in real-time with barcoding, signature capture, image capture, custom forms and much more. MYS mobile also allows access to jobs, customers and assets without an Internet connection.

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Planned maintenance

Create detailed maintenance schedules for asset and site based servicing. Create advanced schedules based on date and/ or numeric tracking, plus parts picklists and make/ model service plans.

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Contract management

Easily manage contracts against customers, sites and assets. MYS also boasts fixed pricing, customer price plans and schedule of rates.

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Real-time device tracking

Mobile location tracking applications for Android, iPad & iPhone. Track the location of all your field user in real-time using existing Apple and Android mobile devices.

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Inventory management

Complete inventory management including multiple warehouse locations, traceable items and barcoding.

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Intelligent route planning

Easy to use route optimisation and planning tools. Plan work based on regions, skillsets, travel time and distance.

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HVAC & refrigeration
Fire & alarm
Pool & spa
Windows & doors
Property management
Home appliances
Industrial equipment
Scientific equipment
Agricultural equipment
3D printer service
Industrial shutters
Access control
Lift service
Medical equipment
Antenna & lightning
Printers & copiers
Coffee machines
Controls and instrumentation
Gym equipment
Construction equipment


Electronic form conversion

Eliminate lost paperwork, inaccurate data & delayed billing!

We provide the world's No.1 job and workforce management software that incorporates the only complete electronic form conversion engine.

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digital forms